D9.15: User-friendly web-based footprinter

CLEANKER is a project funded by the European Union Horizon2020 programme addressing CO2 capture from cement production. Given that the calcium looping (CaL) is one of the most promising technologies for CO2 capture in cement plants, the core activity of the project is the design, construction and operation of a CaL demonstration system in the cement plant operated by Buzzi Unicem sited in Vernasca (Piacenza, Italy).
An important finding of the project is a full understanding of the CLEANKER technology life cycle impacts. This work assesses all of the environmental impacts associated with all the stages of a product's life cycle, including raw materials extraction, processing, distribution, use and disposal.
D9.15 provides a user-friendly web-based footprinter that demonstrates the sustainability performance of the CLEANKER technology compared to conventional emitting plant in an interactive and user-friendly way. This tool aims at disseminating the results of the environmental assessment performed in WP6 as well as benchmarks to express the potential gains per indicator to a large audience. The following environmental indicators are covered: GHG emissions (carbon footprint), non-renewable primary energy use (energy footprint), water use (water)

The tool is available at the following link: https://footprinter.cleanker.eu/