D1.2 Project Management Handbook


This deliverable gives a quick overview of the most relevant managerial aspects of the project, outlining rules and responsibilities of partners aimed at ensuring a good quality and progress of the work.

This document summarises all the required knowledge for the good management of the documentation of the project and contains all information related to the management strategy, structure of the consortium, working procedures, reporting issues, templates to be used, etc. This guide acts as a reference source for all Consortium members, covering dayto-day activities including the clarification of legal and financial aspects of the Grant Agreement and Consortium Agreement that may need further explanations to beneficiaries.

The first version of this document is delivered on December 2017 (M3) but it can be modified during the life of the project. This document will be updated and extended, if needed, through the life of CLEANKER project, including relevant issues and changes in the project or procedures. Every time the document is updated, a new version of the report will be sent to all the partners that will be duly informed about the updates and the changes made with respect to the previous version.

In the event of discrepancy between documents, this Handbook is overruled by the Grant Agreement including its Annexes and the Consortium Agreement.