D9.1 Dissemination and Communication plan


The objective of this deliverable is to outline the strategy for the dissemination and the communication activities which will be carried out during CLEANKER. This deliverable will outline the main dissemination objectives, the target audiences, the communication channels and the dissemination tools.
The objectives for dissemination and communication within CLEANKER are manifold:
i. to ensure optimal information flow internally (between project partners) and externally;
ii. to rise the interest of the stakeholders (the cement industry, the CCS community..) active in the fields of the project;
iii. to inform the scientific audience of the scientific and technical achievement of the project (giving an innovation potential that could inspire new research in related fields);
iv. to inform the generic interested public about the effort made to follow the European strategies on Energy and Environment;
v. to give high visibility of CLEANKER to the decision makers.
This document aims at providing a reference to the partners for the possible recipients of communication activities. The strategy for activities planned in order to achieve this such as arranging workshops and meetings, presenting information on internal and public webpages and on conferences, publishing results in peer-reviewed journals and popular science articles, write newsletters and blog posts and give updates on social media, are detailed in this report. The planned execution of these activities with timing and responsible consortium member indicated is given.
Finally, this document will include the definitions of the main key performance indicators (KPIs) that will be used to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the activities carried out.