Scientific Publications

North Italian CCS Scenario for the Cement Industry

CO2 Curing of Ca-Rich Fly Ashes to Produce Cement-Free Building Materials

Experimental Investigation of Sulfation Phenomena in Calcium Looping Systems Integrated in Cement Plants

Techno-economic optimization and off-design analysis of CO2 purification units for cement plants with oxyfuel-based CO2 capture

CaO carbonation kinetics determined using micro-fluidized bed thermogravimetric analysis

Rate-Equation-Based Grain Model for the Carbonation of CaO with CO2

Evaluation of New Applications of Oil Shale Ashes in Building Materials

CO2 mineralization by burnt oil shale and cement bypass dust: effect of operating temperature and pre‑treatment

Kinetic Study of Belite Formation in Cement Raw Meals Used in the Calcium Looping CO2 Capture Process

Calcination kinetics of cement raw meals under various CO2 concentrations

Characterization of a Marl-Type Cement Raw Meal as CO2 Sorbent for Calcium Looping

Carbonation of Fine CaO Particles in a Drop Tube Reactor